Placement Support

We understand that it can be very daunting to look for new opportunities within your existing organization, and even more so when it comes to exploring options outside. With Talgro you don’t need to be alone. Our technology enabled Career services will help you meet even this challenge with a calm mind. Learn & Grow with Talgro

Connect to recruiters

  • Large number of registered organizations from different industries
  • Interview opportunities from leading companies
  • More than 200 open roles across functions in different cities
  • New organizations being onboarded regularly
  • Online Interships

Maximize your Network

  • Develop a network with your online batchmates
  • Collaborate with your cohort members on projects
  • Forge relationships that go beyond your course
  • Stay connected with the fast growing Talgro alumni

Get Career-coached

  • Top career coaches at your disposal
  • Pinning down the best career opportunities for you
  • Not just job assistance; but helping you chart your career path
  • Interview support including coaching you on making your profile stand out
  • Helping you articulate your unique value proposition

Take Practice Interviews

  • Get access to recorded interview sessions along with interviewer notes and suggestions
  • Ask to schedule a mock interview with an expert before your actual interview
  • Get feedback from the expert on your strengths and potential pitfalls based on your mock interview session

Avail Industry Mentoring

  • One-on-one Mentoring sessions with Industry experts
  • Feedback from Industry Experts and Coaches through Talgro’s Action Learning Technology
  • Group mentoring through webinars
  • The only Executive Education platform to align Instructors, Career Coaches, Industry Mentors and the Learner
  • Take Career Profiling tests and get mentored on your reports

Hackathons and Recruitment drives

  • Collaborate on software projects
  • Translate learning into application
  • Connect with local tech communities
  • Connect with Talent acquisition managers through Recruitment Drives
  • Access job opportunities
  • Get recognized and rewarded