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Upskilling helps you stay employable! Roles are changing and you need to keep your skills up to date. It is also important to enhance your qualifications. This will help in your career progression and will give you added competitive advantage. Use Talgro to Upskill yourself and reach your highest potential.

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Instructor Jagmohan Bhanver
  • 6 months

Leading Digital Transformation In Financial Services

  • 4.9(143)

Digital Transformation is the use of innovative anddynamic digital technology to solve problems. It is the process of using digital technologies

Sandeep Seth
  • 5 months

Digital Marketing & Analytics

  • 4.8(63)

Emerging Digital technologies have in the past few years deeply reconfiguredapplication of Marketing. There has also been a significant...

Alka Chachondia
  • 4 months

Business Analytics for Managers

  • 4.8 (56)

Business Analytics provides competitive advantage to organizations. The ability of companies

Sandeep Seth
  • 6 months

Applied Data Science

  • 4.8(58)

Data science is about solving business problems. Once an organization has grasped this reality, they are on the right track

Jagmohan Bhanver
  • 6 months

Applied Machine Learning

  • 4.9(76)

Machine learning is an application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn

Jagmohan Bhanver
  • 5 months

People Analytics

  • 4.9(134)

People Analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work. With people Analytics, organizations can find better applicants

Jagmohan Bhanver
  • 12 wks

Adaptive Leadership

  • 4.8(102)

The most successful leaders around the world today are those that have the ability to be ‘Adaptive’. While there are several

Jagmohan Bhanver
  • 8 wks

Owner Leadership

  • 4.9(76)

Leaders are expected to take ownership of deliverables including being able to solve complex problems autonomously. They are also expected

Subu Ananthanarayan
  • 9 wks

Leadership and Change Management

  • 4.7(62)

The rate at which the world is changing is unprecedented. The same is true of organizational change. Leaders and management teams

Jagmohan Bhanver
  • 26 wks

Certified Wealth Manager (CWM)

  • 4.9(3400)

The Wealth Management market in India has been consistently growing. It has been helped by the future...

Jagmohan Bhanver
  • 4 wks

Behavioral Finance

  • 4.9(1242)

Behavioral Finance deals with the psychology of customer decisions. Customers could be the end users of our products...

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The world is full of people who are stuck in jobs where they lack either the ability to do it well or the interest in doing it. In the former case, the result is wasted effort and frustration. In the latter case, it leads to de-motivation and early burn out.

Our extensive research with thousands of executives across different countries has shown that people can avoid this situation by knowing the kind of occupations for which they have a greater orientation. This ensures that they are able to build skills and expertise around those areas in a proactive manner.

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We understand that it can be very daunting to look for new opportunities within your existing organization, and even more so when it comes to exploring options outside. With Talgro you don’t need to be alone. Our technology enabled Career services will help you meet even this challenge with a calm mind. Learn & Grow with Talgro

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