Why Talgro

Our platform offers world-class features and an interactive, user-friendly interface, providing a single, secure, centralized ecosystem for learning professionals to plan, manage, and execute their learning programs. Talgro uses cutting-edge technology like AI, ML, and Data Analytics to revolutionize learning in your enterprise.

Automatic Learning Path Creation

An intelligent algorithm that recommends personalized Learning paths to learners based on their role and/or assessments. Manual Learning Path will be designed if learner requires bespoke learning.

Live Analytics

View ‘Live’ insights on Trainer effectiveness, Course content effectiveness, Learner difficulties, Learner engagement and Pedagogy effectiveness among others. Make real-time changes to plug the gaps and make learning exponentially more effective.

Action Planning

For the first time, here’s an LMS that integrates learning into the work environment by allowing Individual Development Plans (IDPs) to be embedded within the LMS. Now, Learners, Managers, Trainers and Coaches can be aligned to ensure maximum post-training effectiveness.


Allows for any type of assessment to test functional, technical, behavioral and other skills to track, monitor & measure ‘pre & post’ indicators, performances or qualifiers for a learning intervention.

Curation of Content

Talgro uses AI & ML algorithms to curate the right content for Learners from multiple sources. This enables relevant and meaningful content for Learners. It also makes their experience more engaging and fun.

Continuous Learning

TalGro uses Nano learning principles and allows byte-sized content to be shared with learners during and long-after the formal development initiative is over. This ensures sustained and continuous learning through the life cycle of the employee in your organization.

Solutions By Learning Groups & Industry

Talgro can be implemented seamlessly irrespective of the learning group or industry. The architecture and features are simple, effective and easily adaptable to online or offline learning across a wide spectrum of learners and industries. An indicative list of Learning groups and Industry/Sector is listed below.

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