The Education industry is experiencing an exponential disruption in the way knowledge is disseminated across the world. In a manner of speaking, the democratization of Education has already begun, and the next few years will witness a mammoth change in how the industry operates. Internet connectivity and smart phones have made it possible to connect Learners and educationists across the world. Education institutes around the world are now cognizant that their storehouse of knowledge need no longer be restricted to a few select people on campus. Nor do they require being constrained by limitations of space and infrastructure. Of late, large top-rated universities around the world as well as relatively fledgling education institutes have taken to eLearning to extend their reach to students and learners beyond their traditional corridors. This includes the like of Stanford Graduate School of Business, Purdue University, Duke and several others.

It is not just Universities and Colleges that can benefit from Talgro.
Talgro is the future for Coaching institutes, Tuition classes or any other education business that needs to scale up and connect to a larger audience across locations. Talgro's technology innovation also enables a richer experience for Learners and the other stakeholders.

Adopting a robust Learning Management System (LMS) like Talgro which also offers an engaging learner focused experience is therefore a no-brainer. Here is why:

Who can benefit from Talgro?

Key Features and Benefits for Education Institutes: