Solution for Automotive Industry


The Automotive industry comprises of a vast range of companies and organizations involved in designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. Ancillary firms in the industry are organizations providing after sales support, maintenance and repairs for the vehicles purchased by customers. Together, they employ hundreds of thousands of people in full time or part time roles and in many cases as contractual staff too. These people are deployed to cover the vast geographical expanse of their respective territories. Like many industries, this one too faces stringent, federal, local & industry requirements that mandate how passenger and non-passenger safety is designed & developed, how employees are trained to sustain the standards, and how risk mitigation factors are followed. Non-compliance to regulations may result in various kinds of risk including Reputational Risk, followed by legal penalties, fines and long drawn out litigation. Apart from this Automotive organizations need continuous training of employees on vehicle design, features, development, engineering, technology, safety processes & systems and adherence to industry standards. This involves product and process training for both new recruits as well as existing team members. Also, customer facing employees need to be sharp on their behavioural and soft skills since that serves as a differentiating factor when dealing with a variety of clients.

The challenge for learning departments is multi-fold including speed of delivery, accuracy of information, super-fast dissemination of updates and testing understanding of all learners.

Talgro provides an ecosystem that enables data encryption, authentication and application security. The robust learning management technology makes it easy for HR and L&D Managers to focus their time and effort on higher value tasks while the Talgro platform takes care of automating the manual tasks. Not just that, Talgro leverages its AI and ML tech to provide deep insights and Live analytics that make Learning management a breeze for L&D leaders. on their time and effort to keep courses current, relevant and impactful as well as ensuring learners have the best experience.

Why Talgro for Automotive Industry