Solution for Energy Industry


The industry hires in large numbers to serve customers for their products and services across geographies. Most multi-national companies have balanced between in-house and outsourced models to different geographical regions to benefit from economies of scale as well as operational excellence. Remote offices imply that learners in this industry are expected to demonstrate a combination of skills that include domain knowledge, technical expertise, soft skills, behavioral skills, communication and contextual understanding. Being highly knowledge centric, organizations grope with the ability to quickly onboard quality people and decrease the learning curve of new employees. The other challenge in this industry is to keep employees engaged and ready to tackle emerging challenges, all of which requires learner-focused content and high-engagement pedagogy.

Talgro's AI and ML engine enables curated and learner-centric content to be aligned with each person's learning path automatically. Integration with multiple online assessment platforms further enables deep understanding of learning gaps. Functionalities like Live Analytics and Team reporting allow L&D leaders and Managers to quickly identify gaps and address them. All of this ensures that learning is rapid, relevant and learner focused.

Talgro takes into consideration the need for compliance in this industry and provides an ecosystem that enables data encryption, authentication and application security. The robust learning management technology makes it easy for HR and L&D Managers to focus their time and effort on higher value tasks while the Talgro platform takes care of automating the manual tasks.

Why Talgro for Energy Industry