Employee Engagement – From Satisfaction to Sustainability

May 8, 2020 By Neha

What are the main factors that drive an organization towards the realms of success? What came to your mind first? Products? Brand value? Financial stability? Or perhaps their innovation and change management? Well you aren't wrong by thinking so! However another crucial factor that is often overlooked is employee engagement. A high level of employee engagement within organizations have proven to be a vital source for experiencing organizational success. But why is this so?

Employee engagement focuses on unleashing the innate potential of employees. It urges them to question their very existence and the level of impact they can have on the lives of the people they surround. Unfortunately most businesses mistake increasing the number of their employees as a means of achieving their desired target. On the contrary, this could prove to be a dangerous approach since it could jeopardize the real measures of success. Irrespective of the number of employees, a healthy employee engagement could drastically improve the business performance.

Understanding what drives employees at the deepest level without having any assumptions or bias against them is essential. Listening to what employees have to say, maintaining transparency within organizations and ensuring their interactions with the senior management are impactful are effective methods of achieving high levels of employee engagement. It is crucial for organizations to realize that working for 8-12 hours a day could get quite overwhelming for employees. Conducting social events, acknowledging and celebrating employee achievements, receiving continuous feedback and encouraging an environment of constant learning and empowerment is a sure shot way of guaranteeing healthy employee engagement.

Benefitting the employees mean benefitting the organization. Positive employee engagement motivates employees and also help inculcate a sense of loyalty towards their organization. The recent trend of appointing a Chief Happiness Officer in certain organizations further reiterates how important the presence of employee engagement has become.

All in all companies with a strong employee engagement are more likely to experience organizational success. It is very simple – any place that makes you feel warm and welcoming acts like a magnet. People automatically drift towards it since it makes them feel content. This not only applies to the workplace but all aspects of life.

So if there is something lacking at your workplace, now you know what that may be. Employees constitute the foundation for every organization. Thus it goes without saying that their well-being should be of utmost importance.