Human Centre Design – Making Life Easy!

April 25, 2024 By Andy

In this age of constant innovation and discovery, it is safe to say that there is no limit to what the human mind can achieve. The concept of problem-solving has existed since life took form in the shape of human beings. Ever since, not only humans but even the methods of problem-solving have evolved and continue to do so!

One such evolution talks about the concept of Human Centre Design. As the name suggests, this creative approach focuses on how any step taken towards problem-solving must start with people and end with innovative solutions that cater to their needs. Focusing on their needs would not only result in unexpected ideas but also in implementable solutions.

These solutions need not be complex. Let us take an example to better understand this concept. Imagine it is a sunny day and you feel like having beer. Unfortunately, you are unable to find a bottle opener. You could either fret the lack of the implement or drive down to the nearest store to pick up one. But that may not be required because most beer bottles these days are equipped with ring pull openers. Someone – and not necessarily a beer aficionado – has used the concept of human center design to make life easy for you! In this case, we have Korkki, a Finnish bottle cap manufacturer, to thank for the innovation.

We can see how Finn was able to correctly identify the gap from the consumer's perspective and work towards improving the design of the product. The result? Ease of use for the customers!

Human Center Design focuses on the 3 I's – Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation. Inspiration involves people opening up to the possibilities of generating creative ideas. This is followed by ideation where these ideas are translated into reality by building simple prototypes and having them constantly refined and tested with the help of consumer inputs until we have a good story to tell. Implementation closes the loop by helping get your idea out into the world to the right audience with the aim of significantly eliminating or reducing their problems. In most cases, the correct use of the 3 I's provides the magic sauce that helps fuel sustainable success.

Anyone can practice Human Center Design. This benefits everyone because these solutions are adaptive in nature. Their goal is simple – reduce the gap between the consumer and the product; create a more powerful user experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking caps and get working towards making your customers' life easy! When seen through the lens of Human Center Design, there are solutions galore!